Daytop Drug Rehabilitation Facilities

Daytop’s approach to the treatment of substance abuse

(Smiling client in Daytop drug addiction treatment program.)
Daytop provides compassionate, family oriented
substance abuse treatment for adults and teens.

Daytop is based on the Therapeutic Community (TC) model. Individualized treatment plans provide professional counseling, medical, social and spiritual attention. This program has transformed thousands of lives.

Why Daytop?

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  • We treat the person, not just the symptom of substance abuse
  • Each client receives an in−depth assessment, and a treatment plan to address their particular problems
  • Treatment is responsive to each individual’s evolving strengths and needs, with appropriate levels of care and services allowing full recovery within one agency
“It wasn’t easy, but Daytop gave me the tools to not quit, be honest, confront the things that bother me, and that’s probably been the key for where I’m at today.”− Jack

What is a Therapeutic Community?

(Group of young people who are in treatment at Daytop)
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The Therapeutic Community (TC) is a style of treatment that engages the whole person in the recovery process and challenges the individual to have a full, positive life with healthy supportive relationships and satisfying work.

The TC is a self help program whose primary goals are the cessation of substance abuse behaviors and fostering personal growth. Community activities lead members to learn about themselves in the areas of emotional, intellectual and spiritual condition, behavior management, and survival skills, which may include vocational and/or educational assessments. The TC believes that people can change and that learning occurs through challenge and action, understanding and sharing common human experiences.

Quality Assurance

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Daytop uses an on-going quality review and improvement system which looks at all aspects of service delivery and administration.

Our clinical staff are required to maintain current licenses and accreditations, and counselors have or are preparing for CASAC certification. This is the Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor credential, a 350 hour course required by the New York State Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services.

Effectiveness and Client Satisfaction

The Outcomes Management System (OMS) continuously assesses the agency’s treatment effectiveness, it’s efficiency, and our clients’ satisfaction with the services we offer. It measures client progress in treatment on various aspects of recovery from drug abuse. From their admission to treatment until 3 months after discharge from Daytop, all clients are regularly requested to complete a confidential questionnaire and express their drug craving and use, addiction severity, vocational, educational, legal, medical, social and psychological status and related needs.

Continue to be Responsive

OMS results are fed back to the Quality Improvement staff, to ensure that Daytop remains responsive to its client population. This data provides the basis for service improvements and program monitoring.

Vision Statement

Daytop Village, Inc. of New York will offer a full continuum of care to every substance abusing adolescent and adult in New York, either directly or through affiliation with other healthcare providers. By continually assessing, redesigning and improving itself, Daytop Village, Inc. of New York will provide treatment based on the proven concepts of the therapeutic community and contemporary treatment modalities.

Mission Statement

Daytop’s mission is to provide treatment for individuals and families leading to a healthy, drug−free life through services that are individual, comprehensive and multidisciplinary without regard to race, religion, nationality or socio−economic status.