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Community Involvement

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It is an important Daytop principle to be an active, positive force within the communities we serve. To this end we offer a number of programs to reach teens, adults and family members with substance abuse prevention services.

These services include two programs, a Speakers Bureau and Daytop Parents Educating Parents (DPEP), which provide presentations for school and community events to educate people about the realities of substance abuse.  Our clients and staff also participate in holiday events for children and a program for senior citizens in Brooklyn called CARES.

Speakers Bureau

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“Education is the KEY to prevention”

With so many hot−button substance abuse topics in the news today, the Daytop Speakers Bureau provides insight into a variety of related topics for schools, community organizations, social groups and the business community.

Daytop speakers, comprised of staff and recovering clients, address the hazards and deadly consequences of alcohol and drug abuse. Presentations are designed with age appropriate materials and are successful at reaching all age groups. The speakers serve as positive role models and their ability to communicate with the audience, by the force of their honest presentations, make for lively and spirited sessions.

Daytop also provides media interviews with clients and expert staff on a variety of substance use, prevention, and treatment subjects. This program is available in New York City and surrounding counties.

Let experience speak for itself!

For media interviews or speaking engagements, please contact the Public Relations Office at (212) 354−6000, ext. 241 or

Daytop Parents Educating Parents (DPEP) Program

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The DPEP Program (Daytop Parents Educating Parents) educates parents to recognize the warning signs of substance abuse in children. DPEP speakers stress the importance of early detection of behavioral changes which could signal drug experimentation and use. Awareness and early detection is the greatest prevention! The information given at a DPEP presentation prepares parents to intervene in the early stages of substance use. Pretending it can't happen to you may allow your child’s situation to go too far.
Members Of Your Community

DPEP speakers are members of your own community who have already experienced the horrors of substance abuse. They share these experiences on a personal and real level. They are your neighbors.

A DPEP presentation provides three perspectives: Parent to parent, adolescent to parent, and drug counselor to parent. DPEP presentations are recommended for parents of middle school age children and older. They can be scheduled for parent groups at your schools, churches, synagogues and community organizations.


There is no cost for this service. The program is available in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Rockland, Staten Island, Suffolk, and Westchester. To schedule a presentation contact the Daytop Prevention Department at (631) 351−7112, ext. 223, or

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