Family Association

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By and for Family Members

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The Daytop Family Association is run by family members for family members. You need not have a child, spouse, sibling or friend in the program to be a member of the Family Association. It is open to anyone experiencing the effects of someone else’s substance use.

Personal Experience

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There is a particular kind of anxiety that comes as a result of caring about someone with a drug problem. As soon as you walk into a Family Association room, it is evident that you can talk about it here. Everyone knows what you mean in a way that comes only with personal experience. Family and friends cannot help but be affected by the substance abuse of an individual. The Daytop Family Association offers support to allow people to heal, develop self-awareness, become empowered and grow.


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We welcome you to call the Main Office or an Outreach Center near you for information and to ask any questions you may have.

Thousands of members have found refuge and support with the Family Association, and we hope you will join us.

Through the Family Association you can:
  • Receive on−going emotional support when you need it
  • Regain a perspective on your own life
  • Let go of the pain and suffering
  • Understand why your loved one turned to drugs
  • Learn how to guide your loved one into treatment

Family Association Meetings

Bronx Wednesday 6:30pm
Brooklyn Tuesday 6:30pm
Manhattan (main office) Wednesday 7:00pm
Queens Monday 7:00pm
Rockland Tuesday 6:30pm
Staten Island Monday 8:00pm
Suffolk Tuesday 7:30pm
Westchester Tuesday 6:30pm