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Family Involvement

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Reach of Addiction

Substance abuse doesn’t stop its destruction with the person using drugs or alcohol. Counselors estimate that for each substance abuser there are at least ten people in their lives who are also affected. These include family, significant others, friends, classmates and co−workers.


Family relationships change in many ways in the presence of substance abuse. Some members may cover up for the user, some may distance themselves and some may curtail their own activities because of stress or shame. In most cases, the paths of communication are changed drastically.

Recognize Issues

The Daytop program recognizes the significance of inter−personal relationships between our clients and their families. Those in treatment need to reestablish trust with their loved ones and recognize their own and each other’s issues. This helps in the treatment process, especially when a person is preparing to return to their home environments and activities.


The success of our clients, both adult and adolescent, is greatly improved with family involvement, and is encouraged at all stages of treatment. Family Therapy groups are an integral part of the program, and the Daytop Family Association is here to support anyone in need.

Family Therapy

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Within the Daytop program, family counseling is an integrated part of treatment. Substance abuse touches not only the abuser, but everyone in contact with him or her − it affects the entire family and social network.

Daytop employs a family systems approach to counseling which focuses on the structure of the family, member’s roles, and how they communicate with each other. Daytop’s clinicians have been trained at the Minuchin Center for the Family and receive continuing supervision from this nationally recognized group.

Integrated Program

Family counseling starts at the beginning of treatment and is central to the discharge plan. Depending upon the individual family situation, sessions may be scheduled at any point during the treatment program.

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  • Every day, 2,500 children age 12 to 17 abuse a prescription pain reliever for the first time.