Medical Services

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Healthy Lifestyle

All clients entering a Daytop program meet with a nurse or other medical provider for a Health History and an evaluation of medical needs and potential health problems. A lifestyle including substance abuse often causes clients to neglect their health, resulting in various medical problems. Early diagnosis, treatment, and education assist the client in developing and maintaining behaviors that are conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Dental services are offered at our Manhattan, Sullivan County, and Dutchess County facilities.

In accordance with promoting healthy behaviors, Daytop is tobacco free. No smoking is permitted in Daytop facilities or on the campus grounds.

Medical Staff

All residential facilities have full medical and mental health staffs as defined in our Comprehensive Article 28 Licenses. Staffing at our Outpatient facilities is allocated according to the needs of clients at that location. We accommodate clients’ physical needs, including administration of appropriate prescription medications.


Within the Adult Intake and Assessment Unit at Far Rockaway, Daytop administers Suboxone for clients addicted to opiate drugs who need a bridge between addiction and sobriety. This medication works by preventing mild withdrawal symptoms and controlling cravings. All such medication needs are evaluated and prescribed by a licensed physician, and administered by an accredited nurse.

HIV and Hepatitis C (HCV) Services

Substance abusers, particularly those who injected drugs, are at high risk for HIV and HCV. Daytop provides current information, counseling, testing and partner notification. HIV positive clients get assistance with medication management, nutritional counseling, and acupuncture.

Psychiatric/Psychological Services

Any client with a history of or current mental health problems is referred to a psychiatrist. Clients with a history of developmental issues or learning disability can be referred to a psychologist at our residential facilities.

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We believe it is important that clients develop good personal health and food safety habits to build a complete healthful lifestyle. A Registered Dietitian plans meals at Daytop facilities, and Nutritional Workshops are part of the complementary services available for our clients.