Daytop Addiction Treatment Resource Listing

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This page contains internet links to reliable sources of information about substance abuse issues.

General Information

Learn more about drugs and abuse, parenting questions and recovery programs

(National Institute On Drug Abuse)
The Partnership at

Office of National Drug Control Policy
Facts About Prescription Drug Abuse
Drugs and peer pressure are all around you. If you would like to learn more about substance abuse and related health issues, these sites have information and answers specifically for you:
(National Institute On Drug Abuse For Teens)
(Check Yourself−A Place For Teens)
Family Support
Everyone is welcome at Daytop Family Association meetings, whether you have a loved one in treatment at Daytop or not. However, if you cannot make it to our family meetings these 12-step programs provide support for those whose lives have been affected by alcohol or drug abuse:

Community Awareness
These groups post current news stories and legal issues about drugs and alcohol. They work to effect change in communities.
(Join Together)
(Mothers Against Drunk Driving)

Suicide Prevention
As with any troubled population, concerns about suicide increase with substance abuse.
(National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1−800−273−TALK)
(Teens, Depression and Suicide(PDF))
  • If you would like information about suicide but your need is not immediate, this booklet may be of help. Teens, Depression and Suicide (PDF Opens new window)